Ethiopian Education Foundation – Getting Involved

EEF is heavily dependent on the generosity of student sponsors and supporters. I witnessed the life changing impact that the program offers (see my previous post – ). And so now, as the 2015 recruitment process begins to kick off, I am making a brazen appeal for others to get involved. Of course, I’m completely aware this can only be to the extent your current circumstances permit. Full sponsorship is not a commitment that everyone can make. But smaller donations are always hugely welcomed as well and are critical for the organisation in meeting costs not covered by the sponsorship. As I say, the 2015 intake recruitment process begins around now. Firstly, local primary schools are canvassed for potential candidates who meet the criteria (excellent academic potential, and extremely deprived financial circumstances). They then undertake a formal test, and home visits are carried out to confirm their current living conditions. Finally, they go through an interview and places are confirmed in November. Assuming sponsors can be found, the students will then begin life at the hostel in 2015. Full student sponsorship is £990 per year (£75 a month), for a minimum of four years – this covers them through their ‘Grade 10’ / GCSE and ‘Grade 12’ / A-level exams. The sponsor contribution covers the cost of all school fees, school uniforms and books as well as full board at the EEF hostel and an annual clothing allowance. If you agree to take on a student, you’ll receive a detailed outline of their background and current circumstances. You will then be kept closely involved throughout their academic career, receiving quarterly updates from EEF on the student’s progress. The students themselves also write regularly, and this has often developed into a close friendship over the years. Some sponsors have made the trip to Addis, to meet the students in person and to see, at first hand, what life is like at the hostel. As I said, full sponsorship at this level is not something everyone can undertake, depending on your own circumstances and your other existing charitable commitments. But EEF is delighted to receive smaller donations as well. The sponsorship fees don’t cover all of the costs incurred within the EEF budget – for example, local salaries for the cooks, one-off maintenance costs, medical costs if a student falls ill and so on. So donations of any size make a direct contribution to the work in Addis. By way of example: – £10 a month would cover the cost of providing the garden space at the hostel – £25 a month would cover medical or optician costs for the students – £50 a month covers the salary for one of the local cooks One of the things I found very rewarding about EEF, was that I could see how every penny donated went directly to furthering the work in Addis. The admin and management is all voluntary, and the only salaries are to the two cooks / hostel managers at a fair, local level. So if you are able to make a contribution, rest assured your money is directly helping these amazing kids fulfil their enormous potential. If you’d like to find out more (particularly about full sponsorship), do just let me know. Or have a look directly on the EEF site – Thanks for taking the time to read this. (And apologies again for the shameless appeal !) Alan

Eden and Alex - examples of students whose lives have been completely turned around by EEF
Eden and Alex – examples of students whose lives have been completely turned around by EEF

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