A beginner’s guide to the Masai

On my trip to the Mara recently, i got to see around one of the surrounding Masai villages. A brief glimpse one morning isn’t going to give me any real insight into a culture that’s such a world away from my own experience. But here are a few things I learned from the visit, that you might find interesting:


3 things I miss from home; and 3 I’ll miss when I leave…

Midway through my fellowship here in Nairobi, here are a few things I’m missing: plus some I’ll be sorry to leave behind. I’m skipping over the family and friends bit – of course, by far the biggest thing I’m missing (and Ryan Hanna, if you’re reading, I hope you note the order there!).  But these… Continue reading 3 things I miss from home; and 3 I’ll miss when I leave…

The Dust of Africa

There’s apparently a proverb that says you can’t wash the dust of Africa off your feet. Looking at my laptop, I realise just how dusty a place Kenya is in October. My camera, my phone, my clothes, my shoes – everything seems to have developed a layer of grime that’s gradually getting permanently worn in.… Continue reading The Dust of Africa