A Journey with Camfed

And so, my three months with Camfed have come to an end. Back in January, everyone I met at Kiva HQ in San Francisco told me how fortunate I was to get the opportunity to work with ‘one of Kiva’s most impressive, and most loved, partners’. I now completely understand what they meant.  The experience… Continue reading A Journey with Camfed

Will they pay back?

This is one of the most common questions I get, when I explain the concept of Kiva to people.  And it’s an understandable response: isn’t lending money to individual borrowers, living in poverty thousands of miles away, enormously risky?  How do you ever get the money back? If you look at the Kiva website, you… Continue reading Will they pay back?

Binga and the Batonga

My borrower visits in the past couple of weeks took me up to the northernmost regions of Zimbabwe, to the district of Binga, straddling the Zambezi River and the Zambian border. Binga is a six hour journey north of Bulawayo, a completely straight road with only one single junction (when you’ve got only one turn-off to… Continue reading Binga and the Batonga