A beginner’s guide to the Masai

On my trip to the Mara recently, i got to see around one of the surrounding Masai villages. A brief glimpse one morning isn’t going to give me any real insight into a culture that’s such a world away from my own experience. But here are a few things I learned from the visit, that you might find interesting:

3 things I miss from home; and 3 I’ll miss when I leave…

Midway through my fellowship here in Nairobi, here are a few things I’m missing: plus some I’ll be sorry to leave behind. I’m skipping over the family and friends bit – of course, by far the biggest thing I’m missing (and Ryan Hanna, if you’re reading, I hope you note the order there!).  But these… Continue reading 3 things I miss from home; and 3 I’ll miss when I leave…

The Dust of Africa

There’s apparently a proverb that says you can’t wash the dust of Africa off your feet. Looking at my laptop, I realise just how dusty a place Kenya is in October. My camera, my phone, my clothes, my shoes – everything seems to have developed a layer of grime that’s gradually getting permanently worn in.… Continue reading The Dust of Africa

Will they pay back?

This is one of the most common questions I get, when I explain the concept of Kiva to people.  And it’s an understandable response: isn’t lending money to individual borrowers, living in poverty thousands of miles away, enormously risky?  How do you ever get the money back? If you look at the Kiva website, you… Continue reading Will they pay back?